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I'm putting Behaving Improv-perly on hold in order to work on a different blog.  It makes no sense to have two at the moment, especially since they'll likely mirror each other anyways.  So, to catch up on what's been going on...and to continue to be caught up on me daily, please bookmark this blog:

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

A moment

So yesterday I was on the red line, on my way to catch week 4 of Impress These Apes at ComedySportz. The train started off, and McCartney's "Here Today" started playing on my iPod, full blast. But over the sweet, sweet music, I heard a Streetwise vendor begin to talk. It was a neat moment, hearing this beautifully sad music with this man speaking in the background.

He was just trying to sell a paper, and some poetry he had written. He was also trying to pass out his resume. As the music played, and the train neared my stop at Belmont, I dug through my purse, pulled out a dollar, and tapped the man on his back, "I'll buy some of your poetry."

"Thank you, miss. What poem do you want?" He asked, digging through a Manila folder full of neatly stacked papers.

"Whichever one's your favorite."

"This one. This one's my favorite, miss. It's called 'I Feel No Pain.' "

"Then I'll take that one."

The train continued to my stop. From the corner of my eye I noticed a younger guy with spiky blonde hair staring at me. He seemed to be smirking. Not sure if he thought I had just been duped, or if he thought it was a nice gesture.

Or maybe he was thinking about something else...a random girl he met at the bar, elephants, the deodorant marks on the bottom of my shirt (yeah...I didn't notice until like 8pm...).

I don't know. What I *do* know is that the poetry isn't half bad. And the funny thing? It was mildly fitting for things going on in my own life.

I just felt moved at that moment. Maybe it was Sir Paul...maybe it was the honesty I heard in the streetwise vendor's voice...maybe it was something completed unrelated to any of those things...

I just thought I'd share.

Also, Apes was PHENOMENAL. When I walked in, there was a big screen on stage, and I was surprised to see that they were showing footage I had shot with some of the great folks at Blewt about a year and a half ago of me doing a hula hoop routine. I mean, there I was, larger than life (and about 40 pounds heavier...), hooping away. What was kind of surreal was watching the rest of the audience as they watched me. I heard a few "Wow, she's good"s and giggles. And then, once the video ended, the audience actually applauded.

It was pretty cool. No one realized I was the girl on the screen; that was fine by me though. I got to have this secret moment to myself. Kind of like a secret shopper. I don't know. Anyhow, please, if you get the chance in the next 4 weeks, check out Apes at ComedySportz Wednedsay nights a 8pm. Definitely a fun show, with many, many talented folks...contestants and hosts/judges/etc. alike.

I'm actually thinking about auditioning next season. It looks like heaps of fun. Heaps I say!

On a completely different note...I am a terrible cook.

Here's what happens when I try to hard-boil eggs:

, right?

Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm a terrible blogger...

I'm sorry. It's been nearly a month an no updates. What the crap is my problem?

I guess I've just been really busy. With what? Well, work, Max, improv...the whole lot. I'm about to finish level D at Second City. Our show is this coming Sunday the 11th at 2:30pm in the e.t.c. Theater at Second City. Should be a good time. I know I'm excited. Only catch is that it's the same day as the Chicago Marathon, so traffic and parking will be horrendous. Ick.

I'm 2 classes away from finishing level 1 at iO, all signed up for level 2. Brilliant news: I got the internship at iO. I'm so super excited about it it's ridiculous. I mean seriously...incontinent with excitement.

I'm also planning to audition for the Incubator program in a couple weeks. Things are going to get busy, right? But I figure, I worked 3 jobs, went to school full time, and raised a this should be easy.

I feel like everything I'm writing is terribly lame. I think it's because it's more stream of consciousness than well-thought-out blog entry. Plus I'm catching you all up on things that have happened over the course of nearly an entire month. (This is why we start improv scenes AFTER the "Hey how are you" moment.)

What else? Well, my birthday is this month. October 23rd I'll be 29. That's crazy. I mean, seriously weird. The last year of my 20s? Are you kidding? Where the heck did the time go? I'm not saying that I'm old (although, some might argue that I am...) nor do I feel old (although this time of year the cold weather makes my joints hurt...and recently if I eat anything after 8pm I get heartburn...) but it just feels like the last 4 or 5 years just flew the eff by. Like I blinked and bam...I've time travelled to age 29.

It's been making me really introspective...and also, a little be more willing to take risks, I guess? I'm not sure how to explain it.

Last week was busy at work, so I only caught the jam and Blackout, in terms of improv. Saw a really fun Halloween Burlesque show Saturday. I recommend you check it out if you're a fan of hilarity and burlesque dancing. Risque, but classy.

This week I'm crammin' in more improv...Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Break Saturday to chill with Max, and cap the weekend off with my Level D show.

It's gonna be a wild ride. Hang on tight.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What a Tuesday night looks like

So, as some of you know, for me, Tuesday nights are a bit of a mystery. Typically, Tuesdays are spent playing Legos and board games with my son. However, last night was a rare exception. A late-running Cub Scout sign-up meeting, combined with having to be into work early today made it so that I could experience a Tuesday night out.

Was lucky enough to see some great shows, Cook County Social Club, Babymakers, 21st Century Men, Black Ted Williams, and Gingersnaps.

I laughed so hard last night, I actually cried...and ran the risk of literally wetting my pants. (I HAD to go...but I couldn't justify missing a CCSC scene. Couldn't do it. Glad I didn't. Also glad I was able to keep the whole situation under control...)

Another high point in the night included my ability...for only the second and third times in my tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue. (It's the simple things that really make my life complete, ya know?)

Tonight, I'm going to catch the free show at 8pm, followed by the upstairs show at 10:30. Then class both Thursday and Friday, and hopefully taking my son to Storytown Saturday morning.

Oh, and OF COURSE...the Jam on Friday. Can't forget the Jam.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Awesome weekend.

Saw Improvised Shakespeare for the first time. Pretty much mind-blowing. Also saw Close Quarters on Wednesday, and not one but TWO Harold shows on Saturday. Even offered up the story of my Saturday for the Dream/Nightmare game (during which I accidentally mentioned to the entire place that I took an Epsom salt cleanse my aura. Great material, embarrassing to explain though...)

No matter *lol*

Class Friday was pretty incredible. Our teacher was out so we had two subs...both of which were great, one of which was Charna. Awesome experience. She even complimented our class as a whole, and went on to say there were quite a few talented women in the bunch. Not sure if I was being included in that bunch, but I'll take it.

I'm so in love with improv. What a geek right? I don't care...that's just my nature.

Aside from improv-related things, other parts of the weekend were stellar as well. Oh...yes.

Also, this morning I've been attracting an odd amount of aphids. Yes...aphids. Little green aphids seem to rather enjoy my silk pj pants. No matter. Harmless coffee buddies, I suppose.

Oh, and a very nice Irish boy told me that there was no way I was older than 22...23 tops. I had to then inform him that I'm an almost-29-year-old divorcee with a 4th grade son. *lol* Still, it was quite a nice sentiment.

Gonna house hunt today and take it easy tomorrow. Perhaps I can try to see another show...(geek).

Friday, September 4, 2009

reasons why

I always find it really interesting to hear what made people decide to do improv.

I know, for me, it was always something that intrigued me. But I never had the time or the money to do it until this past January. And then, after a few classes, I realized it meant more to me than I had previously thought.

Just this week I asked a good friend about his journey. Same thing...always wanted to do it, never really had the means...then, after a seemingly terrible run with luck, it just happened for him. It was really interesting...I mean, it was a sad story, but I think it has a happy ending. The guy's a great improviser.

I also met someone who recently moved to Chicago for the sole purpose of improv. His excitement was so awesome to see...I mean, as a fresh improviser myself, I can completely relate. (That whole "honeymoon phase" thing I talked about last post.)

Anyhow, tonight is my second Level 1 class at iO. Super excited. Then I'm hoping to hit Improvised Shakespeare at 10:30, followed by the Jam.

I have been so hungry for this ALL WEEK.

Speaking of hungry...check out the size of this cookie I had yesterday:

I must admit, I got about 5 bites in before it dominated me.

But it was delicious.